About Us
Ouge company is located in the East China Sea coast, the famous"land of plastic mold "---- Huangyan Zhejiang .Specializes in the production of PET automatic and semi-automatic blowing machines, preform moulds and bottle moulds.The main products include:all kinds of carbonated beverage bottles, juice bottles, alcohol drinks bottles, and cosmetic containers, PMMA lamps, PP infusion bottles, edible oil bottles, etc. Ouge consists of many professional engineers with rich experience in the PET industry and high-quality staff. Over the past several years, Ouge has always been devoting its utmost efforts to improving the technology, researching the market and developing new products to suit for all customer needs.
Ouge company has always been adhering to the advanced design concept and good production technology. Due to superior products,advanced technology, favorable price and high-reputation after-sales service, it wins the trust of users. We firmly believe that Ouge machine you can trust, and is most worthy of your cooperation partner, dedicated to working together to build a better tomorrow!

Complete blow molding strategy according to clients' requirement
As consumers choose more and more beverages, products need to be more personalized, more colorful, and more convenient to drink. For beverage manufacturers, this usually means a certain degree of flexibility while ensuring normal production: - More independent products - shorter product cycle - faster changeover
Initial evaluation
According to your plan andproduct features.
Plan detemination
Make product layout on base of your facfory diagram to confirmthe final decision.
After-sales service
offer the fast and efficient service customer is the first.